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Premier Pool Tile Cleaning

Before and After Care




Your pool tile/surfaces/hardscapes will be professionally cleaned with low air pressure with a non- abrasive media that will not damage the surfaces to be cleaned by our experienced technicians. We want to insure you have the best experience and anticipate that you will by following these instructions.





We usually provide a 1-2 hour window of our approximate arrival time. Please understand that sometimes we may arrive a little earlier or later than our scheduled time. We will give you a phone call or text to notify you we are on the way.





  • Please make sure your gates are unlocked.
  • If you must keep your property locked please give us instructions on how to make entry into your backyard.
  • If you live in a gated community or have a gate code please inform us of entry instructions and or codes.
  • If your residence has difficult access issues please let us know in advance.
  • If your house is having other work done outside your home the same day as our service please let us know. PLEASE secure all pets as we will not be responsible if your pet(s) escape while we enter and or exit from your gate.
  • Please move all trash cans or any other items from path of your side yard to your pool. We need at least 3 feet width clearance for our equipment.
  • Make sure your pool deck is dry before our arrival. If your sprinklers overspray and come into contact with your pool area please shut them off so that the water from sprinklers will not get the deck wet before our arrival, it may affect the sealer after we apply to your surfaces. 12 hours after cleaning, the sprinklers may be turned back on. 
  • Our process may be dusty, please close all windows in the back of your residence. Our technicians will always to try to ensure a good cleanup. 





With our experienced technicians, 99% of the time glass beads will remove your calcium with no damage to the pool tile glaze/other surfaces and or grout. We will perform a small test spot and if we see that your calcium is thick and or the glass beads are going to damage your pool tile we can offer to switch to a different blast media over to a mineral blast to insure no damage to your pool tile glaze/other surfaces for 50 cents more per linear foot. Surfaces that absolutely need mineral blast include but not limited too are glass tile, porcelain tile, hand painted tile, granite, marble, black tile.



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