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Premier Pool Tile Cleaning has been in the business for over 5 years, working in the residential and commercial pool industry. We utilize low air pressure and multiple different cleaning media’s to ensure safe cleaning to any type of surface. Our company has worked for Disneyland’s California Adventure, Double Tree Hotel by Hilton, Hampton Inn and other commercial properties.  Our dedication to detail, professionalism and customer service gives us a satisfied customer base.  


We provide calcium removal from tile, glass tile, brick, coping, real/artificial rock and water features. No need to empty your entire pool, we lower the pool water 6-8 inches. This allows us to use our equipment at low pressure to safely remove calcium with no damage to the surface.


We have a mobile trailer that contains the equipment necessary to clean your pool in one day. We pull the trailer in front of your home and get to work so you can continue on with your day and come home to clean tile! You don't have to wait at home for us to complete the service. 


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(844) 845-3933 (844) 845-3933

Special Promotions

* Premier Pool Tile Cleaning will return every two years after your initial cleaning for a discounted price of $1 OFF per linear foot, which comes out to a savings of $100 or more! 


* Leave us a review on one of our social media sites to receive $10.00 off your bill.


* Our local neighborhood discount - Schedule your tile cleaning on the same day as one of your neighbors for a $50 discount for you and your neighbor! (Don't have a neighbor? Mention the website to receive $35 off your total bill).

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